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Quickly build strong muscles to help slow down bone loss and prevent falls in only 2 bone-loading workouts a week!

Muscles and bones respond well to variation. Resistance bands are lightweight, economical, & great for travel. All upright exercises. No floor exercises.

• How to safely and easily learn to lift weights when you're over fifty
• 50-minute full-body, bone-loading workout
• 40-minute coaching section

• Lightweight, great for travel, & economical
• How to safely and easily learn resistance band training
• 48-minute full-body, bone loading workout
• 12-minute coaching section

"Susie Hathaway's classes have helped my menopausal patients verifiably slow down their bone loss and I have the greatest respect for her! I'm extremely grateful to Susie for these outstanding videos that will allow women everywhere to take advantage of her wisdom and her strengthening workouts. Firmly grounded in medical science and fully certified, Susie ensures a safe workout that will help you build stronger bones, while improving your strength, stamina, energy and good looks.

My prescription? Get these invigorating videos now and follow Susie's sage advice. You'll soon be enjoying better bones and a stronger, healthier body that will serve you well for years to come."

--Nancy Lonsdorf, MD, A.B.I.H.M., Graduate of Johns Hopkins Medical School, integrative women's health specialist and author, The Ageless Woman: Natural Health and Beauty After Forty

"Susie Hathaway's classes are the best exercise classes I have ever taken! Susie is a highly experienced teacher – she could teach just about any subject beautifully -- but thank goodness she is taking the time and energy to teach strength training for women. She is passionate about helping each of us to improve. Her classes are perfectly put together and joyful – never boring and definitely not your typical group exercise experience. Susie manages to impart all the knowledge you need to grow stronger and healthier without a feeling of being lectured to -- and you end up feeling truly successful as you grow in strength and flexibility from week to week."

Melanie Brown

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your enthusiasm for what you do. I never would have considered weight lifting before. You have made it fun. Somehow you get us over the dread of making a physical effort and the rewards are great. I am much stronger than I was two years ago when I started and that makes me very happy (and healthy)."

Elaine Pomfrey

"Your course is great -- I don't think I've every properly thanked you for having such an impact on my life. Your class is an amazing service to all the ladies in our community. Thank you!

I was using machines in the gym for a year and then I took Susie's class. Having the group support makes working out more fun. I like using free weights now better than the machines, because I can do it at home if I need to plus have the added benefit of improving balance as well as strength. Susie is so sweet and encouraging! I've learned so much and am inspired to keep it up, bone density has increased!"

Paula Armstrong

"I want to tell you how special your class is for me. I feel so much more fit and I can take on the world! little corner of it. Fairfield is blessed to have someone like you that is so dedicated and great at what you do! Your passion is infectious and your caring touch to all your students is marvelous, which I appreciate and revere. Thank you for providing such a great asset to me as well as the Fairfield community. As I talk about your class to other friends and family not here, I realize even in the big cities there are few if any well rounded strength training classes. I also know that your background, strong interest, and long time study of the body and how it works is a big factor in the great workout we get. None of the other instructors I have had for aerobics over the years in various cities have been half as knowledgeable. Thanks for all the training and study that you do to be the great coach that you are!!"

Moni Hayne

"I feel great each morning after class and my friends keep telling me that I've lost weight. But the best thing is that I feel stronger and am able to cycle longer!"

Louise Maidment

"I have participated in many different kinds of exercise regimes including: personal trainers, yoga, pilates, but Susie Hathaway's Strength Training Class addresses my most important exercise needs during this mid-life phase. It is vital for women (and men) to stay active physically at this time and this class provides a nicely rounded exercise regime that is always changing up and yet Susie makes sure we all participate at our own level, safely.

I find Susie's good nature inspires me to go beyond the exercise level I would normally do if I was just exercising at home. I am also impressed how over the last year Susie often brings out "tidbits" of knowledge on healthy ways to exercise that she is constantly keeping up on and keeping us up on. I recommend her class to all my friends."

Barbara Wacknov

"I have been working out with Susie for a couple months, and I am thrilled with the results! I feel stronger, I have more energy, I can breathe deeper, I don't have leg cramps anymore, a chronic back problem (of approximately 10 years...) is actually a little better for the first time, and I sleep better at night.

Her obvious expertise about how the body works makes me feel safe. For example, being accustomed to having tension (and fear) in my lower back, I was unable to do several exercises for strengthening that area of my body. Susie taught me alternative exercises which indirectly strengthen and support that area, thus avoiding pain and discomfort and more problems, but getting results nevertheless.

Susie is extremely attentive to my particular needs and constantly checks with me to see how any particular exercise feels to me. She's very encouraging, non-threatening and professional. I hope I can continue to enjoy her sessions for a long time, as it is the BEST thing I have done for myself in a long time!

...Nine months later...We spent a few days in Vail hiking everyday and I loved it and I was really happy what good shape I am in!! I can actually hike uphill -- better than a couple of my kids!!"

Becky Shreck
(Personal Training Client of 3+ years now)

Sometimes, people can take every step possible with diet, medication, and exercise and their bone density still doesn't improve. With that said, I want to show you want can happen when it all goes right. In 2010, Diane Porter sent an email to me exclaiming, "I don't have osteoporosis anymore!" Read on.

"Hi Susie-

I don't have osteoporosis any more!

I found out in March of 2009 that my bone density was low enough in my lower spine to earn the label osteoporosis. I had lost 9% of the bone in my lower spine in nine years -- 1% per year! But until I fell and broke my wrist I didn't even know there was a problem. I was 68 years old.

Although my doctor advised me to start taking bisphosphonates, I decided to try strength training, without the drugs, for one year and see if that would reverse the trend of bone loss. So I enrolled in your women's strength training classes.

I have enjoyed them immensely. You are a wonderful teacher, with a profound knowledge of your subject. I love the positive atmosphere of the class, the cheery company of other women dedicated to growing stronger and more whole, and your inspiring instruction. I learn something new every time I go to class.

Strength training has had a high priority in my life this last year. I do it three times a week, and at home when class is not in session. I've taken calcium and Vitamin D supplements, and I've tried to fit in aerobic exercise also three or four times a week. (Must confess I've been less diligent about aerobics than about strength training.)

All year I was wondering whether my bones were getting stronger. My body certainly felt more comfortable. I felt stronger. My clothes began to fit more loosely around the waist. My sense of well-being increased throughout the year. And although I used to fall down quite often, I have not fallen in almost a year. Even if my bones were not getting better, strength training was proving well worth the effort.

In April I had another bone density test. Wow!

The bone density in my spine had increased by 2.8% in 13 months. Although my scores are still below optimal, they are no longer in the osteoporosis range. My doctor said he no longer advised me to take bisphosphonates.

"But keep on with your strength training!" he said as I walked out the door.

Now I can look forward to my bones getting a little stronger each year. Your classes have made a huge improvement in my life. Thank you, Susie!"

Diane Porter

Susie Hathaway is a personal trainer certified by the American College of Sports Medicine and a physical education teacher. She specializes in strength training for women over 50. Susie has taught thousands of strength training classes for women in their middle and older adult years and is an active volunteer with the National Osteoporosis Foundation. She writes a free newsletter and blog about enjoying exercise, eating well, and “motivation to move” for a healthy, strong, and independent second half of your life at