Doctor Recommended, Bone-Strengthening DVDS
By Susie Hathaway
American College of Sports Medicine
Certified Personal Trainer

Susie specializes in exercise for women over fifty, helping them build strong bodies to help slow down bone loss, prevent falls, and enjoy a fabulous and healthy second half of their lives.

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Susie’s newsletter and blog are filled with tips and resources for women over fifty on incorporating strength training into the healthy lifestyle needed to help prevent osteoporosis. From her many years of experience, Susie knows what works for the over-fifty woman and delights in sharing it with her readers.

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“I am 60 years old and have tried many forms of weight training from Live Longer/Live Stronger, to Circuit weight training, to various DVDs and Susie’s is the only one I have enjoyed and don’t groan inwardly when it is a training day.

It is also the only one which hasn’t resulted in me hurting myself. Susie is rigorous in keeping the exercises as safe as possible and clearly explains how each exercise should be done for maximum benefit with no pain or injury.

I also like that there are approx. 20 exercises with each exercise being performed 10 times and then moving onto the next one. It means I don’t get bored.

Every area of concern for osteoporosis is targeted, including hips, spine and wrists. Each exercise is performed slowly as it is the loading of the bones and muscles with weight which brings results for slowing down the loss of bone density.

I also like that Susie clearly describes how I can tell when it is time for me to move to a heavier weight or when a lighter weight is called for. For those of us in the youth of old age, who want to be strong and independent into our 80’s, I really recommend Susie’s work out.”

–Anna Rosenberg