tri-weightsSusie Hathaway is an ACSM certified personal trainer and physical education teacher who has taught thousands of strength training classes to her peers, the baby boomer generation and older. Sign up for Susie’s newsletter to have her blog delivered to your email inbox. —————>

Half of Susie’s clients have osteoporosis or low bone density. Her mission is to develop safe strength training programs for women, no matter what their age, level of fitness, or physical limitations. With her popular classes now on DVD, women (and men!) everywhere can easily strength train for stronger muscles and bones.

Susie’s blog, “Motivation to Move for Healthy Bones,” is filled with tips about enjoying exercise, eating well, and staying strong, healthy, and independent for a fabulous second half of your life. Susie is an active volunteer with the National Osteoporosis Foundation as one of four moderators on the NOF’S online forum, commenting on exercise.

Research has repeatedly shown that strength training can stop bone loss in its tracks, in only two workouts a week. But, it’s important to ease into it with appropriate form and intensity, especially when you’re over fifty. Susie began strength training in her forties and is now in sixties. She’s seen what works for herself and her many personal training clients and class participants.

Susie has packed her DVDs with all of the information that she teaches in her classes to help women get safely started with strength training for stronger bones. Healthcare providers recommend Susie’s classes and DVDs to their patients.

“I am a family nurse practitioner. I bought this DVD after I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I was devastated because I’ve always been very physically active. I was not given any helpful information and I desperately wanted to better understand what I could do to help myself and how I should altar my current activities.

I love the DVD. It is evidence based, clear, specific, and easy to follow. It is a great teaching DVD and It would be great for any patients with low bone density and especially osteoporosis. Understanding the effects of forward flexion and extension is essential. I am excited to share this DVD with my colleagues and advise them to advise all of their patients with low bone density to utilize this helpful teaching tool…”
–Amazon Customer