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Can I Golf With Osteoporosis?

Is it safe to golf with osteoporosis? Take a look at the National Osteoporosis Foundation’s “Moving Safely” guidelines. They note that, “Many exercises and activities such as yoga, Pilates, tennis and golf may need to be avoided or modified because they often involve twisting and bending motions,” which increase the risk of vertebral fractures in those with osteoporosis. After looking through those precautions, maybe you can get your friends to join you in another weight bearing activity that is safer for your bones, like brisk walking or dancing! Continue Reading

Create Your Bone Health Team!

Create Your Bone Health Team!

1. Create your bone health team, starting with your health care provider! Get her input before embarking on any new exercise program. Ask him if any exercises are contraindicated for you AND if you have any weight restrictions with your strength training. The NOF, (National Osteoporosis Foundation) recommends lifting no more than 10 pounds; that’s… Continue Reading

Exercise Guidelines & Precautions

Exercise Guidelines & Precautions

It's a great idea to adapt one's exercise routine when you get to that over-50 mark! What worked when we were 20 can be counterproductive in the second half of our lives, especially if you are dealing with low bone density. If you are strength training for osteoporosis and fracture prevention, please heed these precautions!… Continue Reading

Is Kyphosis or “Dowager’s Hump” Inevitable As We Age?

There are numerous reasons for a rounding of the upper spine. If you are developing kyphosis, commonly called “dowager’s hump” when it develops later in life, I'd recommend seeing your doctor to determine the cause and develop a treatment plan, which might include strength training. If it's a matter of improving one's posture, strengthening the… Continue Reading

Motivation to Move for Healthy Bones Newsletter Available Now

Susie Hathaway’s, Motivation to Move for Healthy Bones, is available now! Subscribe to receive articles on strength training, information & resources on preventing and halting osteoporosis, and tips & ideas for a healthy lifestyle . The newsletter will be sent to you automatically. In the yellow box on the right sidebar, enter your email and click… Continue Reading

Strength Training Helps Prevent Osteoporosis: The Research

With consistent strength training, 2 or 3 times a week, bones begin the gradual process of getting stronger and the amount varies from individual to individual. In the early 1990s, Tufts University had the first research study to see if post-menopausal women could increase their bone density with strength training.  Sedentary, post-menopausal women were recruited… Continue Reading