DDM: Daily Dose of Movement

DDM: Daily Dose of Movement

Susie on mini-stepper
My file cabinet is a great mini-stepper desk!

No time for exercise? Get your DDM: Daily Dose of Movement in throughout the day with tiny bouts of exercise. One of my favorite ways to get my DDM is the mini-stepper that I keep under my desk and pull out anytime that I’m on the phone, reading, or even working at my computer. You’ll feel the effort in the muscles of the thighs and around the hip joints, which makes it a great workout for osteoporosis prevention, helping to maintain or even increase the bone density of your hips.  Also, you get a tiny heel thump at the bottom of each step, which  sends a little upward jolt that can stimulate bone growth in your lower spine and hips, like walking does. If you don’t like that thump or if it bothers your joints, don’t step down as far or put some padding below the foot plates. Caution: For safety, hang on to some form of support while on a stepper, especially if your balance is challenged.

Last summer at the 2010 IDEA World Fitness Convention in LA, Dr. Len Kravitz, exercise scientist extraordinaire from the University of New Mexico, had us  get up frequently to move during his lectures, giving us “N.E.A.T. ” moments. N.E.A.T. is an acronym for non-exercise-activity-thermogenesis, coined by Dr. James A. Levine in his book, Move a Little, Lose a Lot. N.E.A.T. simply means the calories that you burn standing up and being slightly more active throughout the day, but not in formal exercise. The simple act of standing up and pacing for a couple of steps will get you out of that unhealthy sedentary state.

My phrase for that frequent movement is DDM: Daily Dose of Movement! Find ways to get it in and you’ll have stronger muscles, bones, and a healthier BMI (body mass index). Suggestions: Stand up often, chose to accomplish tasks in a more physical way, park a good distance from your destination,  stand up BEFORE you answer the phone, do toe raises and heel stands at the sink,  make a treadmill desk, watch TV on an exercise ball, stand on one leg, or just have your computer at a standing height. The possibilities are endless! Let me know how you accomplish your Daily Dose of Movement! Send a picture if you have one!

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  1. Marla, I’m using a New Balance brand mini-stepper that hasn’t been sold in years. I’ve noticed a Gold’s Gym one at Walmart that has 4-star reviews out of 5, but haven’t tried it. My New Balance mini-stepper has lasted well, but it squeaks—which the reviews mentioned and I ignored! I still love it because it’s minuscule in size compared to any other cardio machine and works well. Other reviewers said theirs broke.

    I used to watch movies with it, but once the squeaking started, it was too annoying for anyone else in the room. But I still use it, mostly for 5-15 minute cardio breaks and phone calls in the office. It’s very effective! But be careful to place it where you have support, so you don’t fall.

    My suggestion would be to read the reviews and try them out, if possible, because some of the little exercise machines, like mini-steppers and little pedaling machines, in particular, are cheaply made and break easily. Usually, with exercise equipment of any type, you get what you pay for. See if you can try out a mini-stepper before buying and make sure you can return it if it fails.

    Good luck with it!