Deb Arnold Wins in TriHawks Triathlon!

Deb Arnold Wins in TriHawks Triathlon!

TriHawk 2009
FIT Group at the TriHawks start, 2009. Deb was the only one to make it this year!

Our very own Deb Arnold of Fairfield, Iowa, aerobic maniac-extraordinaire, always jogging or walking here, biking there, paddling in the pool, lifting weights, has just won her age group at the TriHawks Triathlon at the Coralville Reservoir. She felt great, enjoyed herself, and stayed on her feet and bike on the slippery, wet course. This was after having a good night's sleep, camping beneath the lightening, rain, and thunder! What a woman! We're proud of you, Deb!!!

Here's to regular exercise! As Deb showed us, it all adds up to being really FIT!

About FIT: Fairfield Iowa Triathletes (FIT) is a group of women who enjoy getting together to ride bikes, swim, and jog throughout the year. Around a third of the group has actually participated in triathlons or duathlons around Iowa and the others are happily in the contemplation stage, just enjoying the company of other women while they exercise. If you're interested in being on our mailing list and joining in our casual training, email Paula Armstrong at to have your name added to the list.

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