Dr. Lani’s No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide

Dr. Lani’s No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide

Dr. Lani’s No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide is unique in its comprehensiveness; there’s nothing else out there quite like it. We’re fortunate that author, Dr. Lani Simpson, DC, took the time to put her vast amount of knowledge on bone health into a book. She details the logical steps needed to find the cause of your bone loss, tips on working with your bone health team, and how to develop an effective plan of action to strengthen your bones. Dr. Lani’s book is packed with osteoporosis information that, as she says, “Anyone with a skeleton…” will find useful. Highly recommended!

Since there are many causes of osteoporosis, Dr. Lani details why it’s vital to work with your health care provider to see why you’re losing bone. The reasons can vary from low peak bone mass at age 30 to a sedentary lifestyle, genetics, low intake of vital nutrients, and bone-depleting medications, to name a few. Dr. Lani helps to sort out the myriad issues of osteoporosis and offers information on how to knowledgeably work with your doctor.

Helpful Exercise and Nutrition Tips!

The sections on nutrition and exercise are detailed and specific to bone loss. Of course, being in the field, I went straight to her exercise section. It’s an excellent overview on the right kind of exercise to help your bones. Almost every week, I recommend her book in my strength training classes and follow up with clients to make sure that they’ve read it. They are relieved to have their many concerns addressed in one book by an expert in the field who also has a very personal interest in osteoporosis because of her own diagnosis. Finding the specific reasons for one’s bone loss is just as important as getting going with the right exercise and nutrition program or medication.

How to Get a Good DXA

As a bone densitometrist, Dr. Lani explains how to get the best DXA scan possible because there are many ways that they can be improperly administered and interpreted. I personally know that her detailed explanations have helped many people obtain a good DXA. When so much emphasis is placed on DXA readings, it’s important to get a correct one.

Dr. Lani’s Newsletter

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Check out her blog post with articles such as, “You have the bones of a 110-year-old woman!”

She begins, “What doctor would tell a 30-year-old woman—who has never fractured a bone—that she has the bones of a woman who is 110 years old? This dire proclamation was given to one of my patients, based on a single bone density test. This, and similar dreadful assertions have been reported to me many times, although usually the doctor dials the age back a bit to a mere 90 or 100 years old.” Dr. Lani then tells the story of how this 30-year old woman in her care began to turn around her bone loss markers with better nutrition and exercise, after testing revealed her nutrient deficiencies from an overly restrictive diet.

If you’ve read, Dr. Lani’s No-Nonsense Bone Health Guide, let us know what you enjoyed about it! Thanks! —Susie



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