Quickly build strong muscles with weights to help slow down bone loss and prevent falls in only 2 bone-loading workouts per week!

  • How to safely and easily learn to lift weights when you're over fifty
  • 50-minute full-body, bone-loading workout
  • 40-minute coaching section

Muscles and bones respond well to the variation and force of resistance bands. All upright exercises. No floor exercises.

  • Bands are easy to use, lightweight, economical, and great for travel
  • 48-minute full-body, bone-loading workout
  • 12-minute coaching section

"Susie Hathaway's classes have helped my menopausal patients verifiably slow down their bone loss and I have the greatest respect for her! I'm extremely grateful to Susie for these outstanding videos that will allow women everywhere to take advantage of her wisdom and her strengthening workouts. Firmly grounded in medical science and fully certified, Susie ensures a safe workout that will help you build stronger bones, while improving your strength, stamina, energy and good looks.

My prescription? Get these invigorating videos now and follow Susie's sage advice. You'll soon be enjoying better bones and a stronger, healthier body that will serve you well for years to come."
-- Nancy Lonsdorf, MD, A.B.I.H.M., Graduate of Johns Hopkins Medical School, integrative women's health specialist and author, The Ageless Woman: Natural Health and Beauty After Forty

"I highly recommend Susie Hathaway's unique DVDs. They are excellent workouts with easy to follow exercises and lifestyle adaptations vital not only for men and women at risk for osteoporosis but for older adults who are just starting an exercise program. The quality is excellent, the instructions are very clear, the pace is right, and they are absolutely packed with information. Her many years of experience as a certified personal trainer and physical education teacher show in her excellent instruction on correct form."
-- Colleen Stone, MD
Fellow of Dr. Andrew Weil's Integrative Medicine
Fellowship Program

"After being diagnosed with osteoporosis my doctor recommended strength training. … unless you want a boot camp type crazed weight lifting program taught by a 20 something there is not much out there. Finally, I found Susie Hathaway's Safe Strength Training for Osteoporosis. I was leery about trying it but given all the good reviews I took the plunge and I am not sorry. The program is designed so that you can build to heavier weights as you gain strength, it is very safe, and Susie takes her time in giving instruction and guidance throughout the workout."
--Lola, Amazon Customer

"Susie Hathaway's DVD is the single most informative and helpful exercise program I've yet to run across when it comes to osteoporosis prevention. Her bonus section on how to safely strength train when you are over 50 gave me a wealth of information. It is something I will want to watch from time-to-time."
- Amazon Customer

"Coming from a medical stand point this is a great easy strength and bone building workout for all women."
-Jeanie, RN

"This is the eagerly-awaited DVD version of Susie Hathaway's class in strength training for osteoporosis prevention. The DVD has all the content of the class, including the valuable understanding of the scientific basis of what you're doing. I like Susie's training because it's based on scientific research, not ooga-booga, and because it's tailored especially to be safe for older women who are at risk because of low bone density. Three years ago, I fell and broke my wrist. Bone density tests showed I was on the brink of osteoporosis. Without realizing it, I had lost a lot of my strength over the years. I was tripping and often falling (which is how I broke my wrist), and suddenly I had a bleak vision of a future as an invalid. But I decided to do something, and that's when I heard about Susie's strength training class.

I enrolled, even though I'd never worked with weights before. One year into strength training, my bone density tests showed an improvement, and my strength had increased dramatically. I felt better than I'd felt in ages. I've now been doing Susie's program for three years. Along with improved strength, which makes everything easier, my balance is so much better that I simply don't fall down any more. I'm physically stronger and more active than I was 15 years ago, and much more optimistic about my health and my future.

The women in Susie's classes have been begging her to put her program onto a DVD, and at last it's available. Now, when I can't make the class, I use the DVD. I get a great workout in my own home, with all the benefits of Susie's tips and pacing. Get this DVD now!"
-- Diane Porter

"Dramatic improvement quickly--Though I haven't technically recorded my bone density levels, I am the "older" than boomer generation, and I am amazed at how quickly I have improved in muscle tone, flexibility of my whole body, well-being in movement, greater strength in lifting and pulling.

My clothes fit better, I have more energy, and it has been easy and engaging--I do Susie's exercises two times per week only! I have done a lot of yoga and hiking and bicycling, but these two hours per week have brought results more quickly than anything else. I've only done this program for 10 weeks in all!"
--Sandra Glickman

"Another Great Training Video from Susie--I have and use Susie's "Safe Strength Training" DVD and really like it. "Resistance Band Training" is her new DVD. I like the new DVD even better because for me the bands cost less than the weights and are much easier to store between sessions. I look forward to being able to add more resistance at my own pace more economically.

I'm glad I have both DVDs because they will allow me to vary my training, and I'll be less likely to get bored. I'm looking forward to my next bone density scan to see what progress I've made using these two programs together with better nutrition and some supplements suggested by my doctor! Thank you, Susie!"
--Amazon Customer

Susie Hathaway is an ACSM certified personal trainer and physical education teacher who has taught thousands of strength training classes to her peers, the baby boomer generation and older. Half of her clients have osteoporosis or low bone density.

Her mission is to develop safe strength training programs for women, no matter what their age, level of fitness, or physical limitations. With her popular class now on video, women (and men!) everywhere can easily strength train for stronger muscles and bones.

Susie is an active volunteer with the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Her blog, “Motivation to Move for Healthy Bones,” is filled with tips about enjoying exercise, eating well, and staying strong, healthy, and independent for a fabulous second half of your life at SusieHathaway.com.