“When to Get a DXA and How to Interpret the Results” Free NOF Webinar!

“When to Get a DXA and How to Interpret the Results” Free NOF Webinar!

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Interested in getting the best DXA scan to assess your bone mineral density?

Register for the NOF’s free webinar,

“When to Get a DXA and How to Interpret the Results”

Friday, November 3, from 1-2 PM EDT. (That’s tomorrow!)

Led by Larry Jankowski, CBDT

Get the Best DXA!

When you’re doing everything possible to help your bones with strength training, weight-bearing cardio, eating right, and possibly medication, you really want your bi-yearly DXA scan to be done properly and interpreted correctly.

Learn from Larry Jankowski, a top-notch certified bone densitometrist and leading expert in DXA technology, the gold standard for bone mineral testing. He’s one of my fellow volunteer moderators on the National Osteoporosis Foundation’s online Support Community and always gives sound, down-to-earth advice. During the free webinar, you’ll be able to ask questions.

The webinar will also offer personal advice from two patients on how to stay active and healthy after being diagnosed with osteoporosis or low bone mass and aims to help new National Osteoporosis Foundation online Support Community members understand how to best navigate the community to find helpful advice and support from their peers.

Click here to register for the webinar.

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  1. I have been diagnosed with Osteopenia as my T scores range between -2 and -1.6 …..is there anyway I can view the contents of the National Osteoporosis Webinar as Unfortunately I missed it. Also please can you advise me of the suitability of your two videos baring in mind my T scores. Thank you in advance for any help/advice you are able to give me.

  2. Dear Varsha,

    Thanks for your question and I’m sorry to be so late getting back with you! With scoliosis, it’s best to get your healthcare provider or physical therapist’s advice on how to adapt your exercises because it’s an individual issue. With that said, there are numerous women in my classes with scoliosis. They’ve all worked with physical therapists.

    All the exercises in my videos are done with a neutral spine with no forward bends, twists or deep side bends, so they are appropriate for those with osteoporosis. Doctors in my town often refer their newly diagnosed patients to my classes and my DVDs are the same workouts as we do in class.

    But please be sure to get your doctor’s okay before you begin any exercise program. Thank you!

    If you weren’t able to attend NOF’s live webinar, “How to Exercise Safely with Bone Loss” on Wednesday, here’s the link to the recording.

    Best wishes,

  3. Hello, I’m new to your page! I was wondering if the link to “When to Get a DXA and How to Interpret the Results” – Friday, November 3, 2017 was available to view? Thank you

  4. I just discovered your website, and would like to see the webinar on “When to get a DXA…” I don’t see a link for it; it is still available? Thanks