How to Exercise Safely with Bone Loss-Free NOF Webinar

How to Exercise Safely with Bone Loss-Free NOF Webinar

If you weren’t able to attend NOF’s live webinar, “How to Exercise Safely with Bone Loss” on Wednesday, here’s the link to the recording.

March 7, 2018: Join NOF for our second online community webinar on Wednesday, March 7 at noon Eastern. NOF online community volunteer moderator, personal trainer and physical education instructor, Susie Hathaway will review the basics of safe movement, discuss why exercise is important for those with bone loss and offer exercise examples you can use to start a safe exercise program. Ray Morgan, an online community volunteer moderator and Diane Porter, a long time participant in Susie’s exercise classes will share their personal experiences with osteoporosis and the benefits they’ve enjoyed from exercising and moving safely.

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  1. May says:

    I just found out I am anemic.
    Do you have any help for that. May S.

  2. Susan Gentry says:

    Would you recommend using ankle weights during your workout for someone who has had varicose vein surgery and wears medical support hose for that issue?

    • Susie Hathaway says:

      Dear Susan,
      Increasing blood flow in the legs is often encouraged for those with varicose veins. I would think that an ankle weight could impede blood flow, like crossing the legs would, so it probably wouldn’t be a good idea. You could discuss it with your doctor and see if placing the ankle weight anywhere else, like above the knee for lying down leg lifts, would work for you. If your doctor recommends not using ankle weights, you could do more squats and lunges instead of leg lifts to target the leg muscles and hip bones.
      Kind regards,

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