Make time for 2 types of exercise!

Make time for 2 types of exercise!

Biking in Canada
Biking in Canada

Ever since I wrote that blog post entitled, Time for just 1 kind of exercise? Strength train!, it has been nagging at me that I need to tell you that you MUST find the time to do two types!! Strength training AND cardiovascular exercise are the basis for lifelong fitness.  Besides helping to strengthen bones, strength training will help you have better cardio workouts which is why the American Heart Association recommends it. Lift those weights AND get out for a brisk walk, bike, or swim, even if it's in little bits of time throughout the day. It will make you feel alive and happy! Adding bits cardio by always standing up when you answer the phone, stepping in place, and even taking the phone outside for a walk will help make it happen. Or, go on a biking or hiking vacation! Strength training has helped me keep up with my kid sister over the years on our bike rides around Whistler, BC.

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  1. hi susie -from new zealand
    ive managed to get back into strengh exercises this year – twice a week
    i give myself a tick on the chart each time i do them
    thanks for all your suggestions – great motivation
    jo-anne macdonald

  2. Thanks for the interesting program last night in Afton. I really enjoyed it and hope to get busy on the strength training.

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