Motivation to Move for Healthy Bones Newsletter 6.29.14

Motivation to Move for Healthy Bones Newsletter 6.29.14

Fresh Tart-Cherry Smoothie Recipe This Week

Welcome to my Motivation to Move for Healthy Bones newsletter, designed to inspire you to stay active for strong bones for a fabulous second half of your life. If you’d like to subscribe, enter your email in the yellow box to the right.————->

When I taught physical education, my main focus was to make my classes as fun as possible so the kids would gain a lifetime love of exercise. In my new career as a personal trainer (P.E. for big kids!), I wanted to do the same for my over-fifty clients and class participants.

I used to make posters, print handouts, and try to squeeze in as many motivating comments as possible during class on why and how to exercise for healthy bones. But, it was never enough!

So, in 2010, my Motivation to Move for Healthy Bones newsletter and blog was launched. It’s for you, women in the over-fifty age group, and is filled with all things related to safe and effective exercise for bone health. I want you to ENJOY staying healthy and active for the rest of your life.

pink-dumbellBut, if you signed up a long time ago for email delivery of this free newsletter, you haven’t seen too many of them! Since I was getting many requests to create videos of my workouts, my blog took a back seat to getting my two DVDs produced and out the door. Now, they’re done, my new website is up, life is good, and I’m blogging again!

If you’d like to subscribe to my free newsletter, enter your email in the yellow box on the upper right sidebar, and click the arrow to subscribe. It will be automatically delivered to your email inbox. You’ll also receive the two free companion exercise logs for my DVDs. Don’t worry, I won’t send you too many emails or spam and you can always unsubscribe at any time.

1-P10201943 Featured blog posts this issue:

1. Feed Your Muscles to Feed Your Bones! Here’s my recipe for a tart cherry smoothie that is filled with anti-oxidants and fiber, is so tasty and refreshing after a long bike ride or hike, has an excellent protein-carb ratio, and is not pie! Click here for my Mother’s Day Tart Cherry Post-Workout Recovery Smoothie.”



06-Girija strength training2. Need Help Getting Motivated to Move? Do you need some tips getting inspired to exercise for your bone health? Read about the “4 Tips for Starting an Osteoporosis Prevention Exercise Program”  that work for the women in my strength training classes who are all in the over-fifty age group.



3. New to Resistance Bands? Q&A-Can resistance bands really help bones?  YES! Muscles give a beneficial tug on bones with any kind of muscle strengthening exercise, no matter what method is used. Click here to find out why.

Cheers to IMG_7497-Edityou and enjoy your summer….and winter for my friends in the Southern Hemisphere!

–Susie Hathaway

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