Strength Training, Bone Density, & Fracture Risk

I recently had the opportunity to speak about bone density with a physician who has been an osteoporosis researcher for most of his life. He said, “We used to think that if we could only know a person’s bone density, we could solve all of our problems. Didn’t turn out that way.”

He emphasized that bone density is only one of the components of bone strength. As more research is done, more will be learned about just what makes bones strong. In the meantime, move a lot, but move safely and do all of the lifestyle adaptations possible to strengthen your bones.

Take a look at this article by Miriam Nelson, PhD, author of 2 of my favorite books, Strong Women, Strong Bones and Strong Women Stay Young, available in most libraries.

She writes, “To date there have been no strength training studies that have looked at fractures as an outcome. Finally, scientists from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota have published a study showing a reduction in fractures with strength training. What is interesting about the study is that the benefits showed up many years after the main study stopped.” Click here to read the rest of her very interesting article on her website.

Dr. Nelson's site is filled with excellent and inspiring information. As always, check with your doctor to see if her programs are safe for you. Every time I pick up one of her books, I’m reminded of important lifestyle adaptations that can help us be healthy and vibrant in the second half of our lives. Enjoy!—Susie

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