Strength Training Can Help Lower Blood Pressure

Besides helping build bone density, resistance training, commonly called strength training, can help lower blood pressure as much as 20%. No wonder the American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine include twice weekly strength training in their exercise guidelines.

Dr. Scott Collier of Appalachian State University conducted research that showed resistance training can have some of the same good effects that cardiovascular exercise does for lowering blood pressure.

What I loved about his comments were that the beneficial effects of resistance training continued for up to 24 hours in those individuals who did their strength training workouts 3 times a week! That means that not only do you get the boost in metabolism from a good strength training workout, but what I call the "after-burn" continues through to the next day.

What a health bargain for such a small investment of your time. Make it even better by strength training in a group for the positive health benefits of friendly social interaction.

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