Time for just 1 kind of exercise? Strength Train!

Time for just 1 kind of exercise? Strength Train!

In our busy lives, many want to know what is the least amount of exercise that we need to do to stay healthy. Of all of the exercise options, what is the most effective one?? When it comes to bone health, I heard the answer at the NOF symposium in Las Vegas last week.

Back Extension ExerciseHere it is: STRENGTH TRAINING!

Strength training, also called resistance training or muscle strengthening exercise, is the type of exercise that has the most effect on building stronger bones. Research shows that weight bearing exercise, such as brisk walking, is great for your cardiovascular system and can help maintain bone, but strength training wins the bone building prize.

Being strong will  make every other physical activity that you do more enjoyable and effective. You can walk quicker, garden longer, and do your daily activities with more ease when you do muscle strengthening exercises. Strength training should only be done 2-3 time per week. Now, that's time efficient exercise!


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