• Susie Hathaway specializes in strength training for women in their middle years and beyond, helping them build healthy lifestyles to help prevent osteoporosis.  She offers classes and private personal training, geared toward helping women learn full body strength training in a safe and easy manner.

    Susie Hathaway (center)

    Susie Hathaway (center)

    Learn about strength training for healthy bones!

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    Please note: It is very important to consult with your doctor before beginning this or any other exercise program. Please read the Disclaimer.

    Read Susie’s Blog for tips and resources specifically for women on incorporating strength training into the healthy lifestyle needed to help prevent osteoporosis.

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    Susie offers:

    • Safe, effective strength training, suited to women of all ages
    • Full body strengthening workouts, including abs & back
    • Researched-based exercises for strengthening bones
    • Exercises to build muscle strength, without adding bulk
    • Weights & exercises adapted to each woman’s level of comfort
    • Progression at one’s own pace
    • The right challenge for safe & effective weight lifting
    • Accepting and enjoyable atmosphere
    • Up to date research on strength training & osteoporosis
    • Adaptations for low bone density and  pre-existing conditions

    Strength Training Classes

    Group strength training can be a fun and economical way to learn this unique type of exercise. Dumbbells are provided and it’s similar to private personal training, but in a group setting. Susie demonstrates the exercises, keeps an eye on everyone and moves around the group, giving advice, encouragement, and education. The workouts are done together, with everyone working at their own individual level with different size weights. This is a very rewarding and enjoyable strengthening program because women usually see increases in their strength within a few weeks.  As women get stronger, more fit, and continue twice-weekly strength training, their age-related bone loss can often be slowed.

    The classes always begin at an easy level, sometimes even with no weights, allowing time to learn proper weight lifting form. This is important to let one’s body adapt to this new mode of exercise and prevent injury. As the intensity of the program slowly builds with heavier weights, most women are amazed at the amount of strength that they can gain, no matter what their age. Class participants often comment on how enlivened and energized they feel after a strength training session, even if they came in feeling tired. Usually, by six months to a year, women are stronger than they have been in decades.  See class schedule and prices.

    Private Personal Training

    Susie recommends private one-on-one personal strength training if someone:

    • Has pre-existing physical conditions
    • Can’t make the time work for a class
    • Has been inactive to the point where moving along with a class might be a strain
    • Would simply like the privacy of personal training
    • Doesn’t want to wait until the next beginning class begins

    For more information, see the class schedule and testimonials or email Susie at susiehathaway@gmail.com

    Susie Hathaway